The Story of Oceans

When I was a painter in undergraduate school, I struggled with finding my groove in the studio. I lived in a coastal town in Massachusetts and always found comfort in driving to the beach and walking in the sand. Some weekends I would drive up to local surf spots just to wade in the water. It didn’t take long for me to want to paint the sea. I wanted to recreate the simplicity and calmness of these wild places. The ocean was so much bigger than I would ever be, and that always grounded me. I painted my first ocean painting in 2012, soon after a series would follow. These paintings consisted of thin acrylic washes, painted on wood panel. I wanted to recreate the feeling of waiting for, anticipating, and catching a wave.

I kept dreaming of Maine beaches, so I drove up north for good in 2015. In a small apartment in Portland, I painted more abstracted versions of my ocean paintings while pursuing graduate school. In the chaos of everyday life, I found my oceans becoming more and more abstracted. One morning I awoke to the realization that my paintings were no longer grounding me like they once did. I was no longer painting the fullness and emptiness of wild, open spaces. Instead, I was painting the business and brightness of the city around me.

In 2017, I left the city to live on an apple orchard just minutes from the ocean. Once again, I felt connected to the natural landscape around me. The open ocean and the dark sky are now my motivators, and I am back again to work in the studio. I am so happy to be painting and am looking forward to sharing future posts regarding my practice.